Believing that the key to a good wine is in the raw materials, Garciarevalo exploits 60 hectares of vineyards divided into 3 different plots: TRES OLMOS, CASAMARO  and  TRES CANTOS.


TRES OLMOS estate is located between the rivers Eresma and Adaja on sandy terrains with good drainage but poor fertility, which have been used for growing the Verdejo since ancient times; that’s why 60% of these vines are pre-phylloxera and date back more than 100 years. We use the traditional viticulture techniques of goblet pruning and hand-harvesting. The vineyards are heavily influenced by the terroir.


CASAMARO and TRESCANTOS estate, the estate nearest to the municipality of Matapozuelos, where the terrains are richer than those situated in other areas. The vineyards is watered by drip irrigation, resulting in greater control in the production process.